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pedro roldão architect lisbon

Unique design

for unique people

Hi! I am Pedro Roldão, founder of ROLDAO Architecture + Interior Design, a creative studio in Lisbon.


This studio was founded after 15 years of studying and working abroad in places such as Sal Island, Beijing, London and Paris. This strong international experience reinforced my belief that to act globally we need to think locally.


In all our projects we strive to use mostly local materials. Since we are a Portuguese company, we create for Portugal a line of design products that are more sustainable and a quality and potential showcase of our local products and craftsmanship. 


ROLDAO has multicultural team comprised of architects and designers from different cultural backgrounds and professional experiences. I believe that this variety enables us to respond to each project more creatively in order to follow our company's philosophy "Unique design for unique people", in which we believe that each location and each person are unique, so the project should be unique as well.


black and white living room with metallic decor


The first step is a briefing with the client to understand their needs, ideas and lifestyle, in order to create a unique design accordingly. Then we create 3D renderings and moodboards to show our design. During the process we will work alongside with the client in order to determine colours, materials and finishes. Finally, we will order and install all the furnishings, delivering dreams that really do come true.

modern house in cascais with concrete and metallic facade


The architectural design starts by getting to know the location and the client's needs in order to create a unique project for them. After completing this first step we create 3D renderings and moodboards to make sure the client understands our design. During the process we will develop specific architectural drawings that will result in the built work.

architectural consultancy lisbon


Our architectural practice provides a unique service to our clients, which gives them the possibility to book an hour with one of our senior architects in order to have their opinion in technical, interior design or architectural issues. This allows them to have a professional opinion, which in some cases might be enough to go at the right direction in a house renovation, interior design layouts or architectural project.

cascais house white facade with wood


Buying a house that meets all your requirements can be a stressful decision, but it does not have to be. We can look for your dream home and help you decide what are the best investments. Since we work with all real state agencies, we have access to a vast listing of houses that you can choose from. During this process we will also analyse the quality of construction and identified all the problems that the houses might have so can make an informed decision regarding your investment.  

architecture virtual reality


In all our project we give the possibility to our clients to see their design in a virtual reality environment with a full 360 view. By using our 3D headset it is possible to walk inside the house, see each space and perceive the actual scale and design we created. We can also do this work for other entities that want to built a 3D virtual reality model of their own projects.  

house refurbishment lisbon


In all our projects we offer our clients the possibility to work with us on a turn key basis. The goal is to provide a full package that can make their life easier by having just one entity responsible for the hole project, from A to Z. This gives our clients the possibility to control the quality and the deadlines of the projects. This package includes the supply of all legal documents, architectural and interior design drawings, civil works, site management, furniture, artwork and linen supply.

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architecture drawing cascais house


Design + Sustainability + Life Quality

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